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Spicy Bull Balls Bar?
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Novice cook
Very dodgy chicken.
Crazy, but had to try...
Charred prawns with Chilli and garlic!
Three Game Bird Roast
Satay Sauce....for Mick Marsh
Beef Skirt
For Dakar,Homemade Bacon
Studmuffins Shakshuka
For BJ - Cajun Chicken with salad
For BJ - Sticky chicken with lemon and honey
For BJ - Stir Fried Cabbage with Onion and garlic
Mushy Peas - Yuk Sung with Smoked Bacon and King Prawns.
Another Stupidly Easy Side Dish
Studmuffins Easy Overlander Soda Bread
Smoked Mackerel Paté
Garlic Soup
Sausage cassoulet with dumplings
Very easy Curry for KatiePops and Ian
Stupidly easy tomato side dish
Roadkill Pheasant or Partridge Pie
Indian Easy Overland Paratas for Curry
Best before meat option
Perfectly Flat Snooker table toast
Best before vegetarian option
Aussie Easy Overlander Damper Bread with Olives
Spicy male cattle goolies chillie and garlic oil
Mushrooms in garlic butter with a twist
Roast sausages and herby sweet potato veg- serves 4
Chestnuts roasting.....
Onion Sauce/Gravy for Haggis
Gammon C'mon!
Camargue Tandoori
Hot pot penne
Apple and Cinamon Tear and Share Bread
Camp pizza
Christmas Food: White Chocolate Truffles
Christmas Food: Rumballs
2 aussie recipes wanted. will swap for scottish recipes
Winter Moroccan Tagine
Most Dangerous Cake Recipe in the World
Placenta surprise
Snag, fungus and creepy-crawly arroz caldoso
Taud Man Pla
Smoky fishy dishy
Cock and chunks stew
Curried Veges
Watermelonwineturpentine :)
Bean Bake
Thai pate
Pesto chicken wraps
Orange pikelets
Top up your beer or wine glass-limits
Interesting pud
Its fryday-has to be fish
Chocolate cake
potato pancakes
Wild mushroom and sweet potato (stew)
Potatoes and duck rillettes pie
Burns Night!
Wine masterclass
Desperately need advice...
Chilli vodka truffles
Moroccan lentil soup-small amend
Chickpea curry
Winter Laneing P1sspot
Quick French tart (not Mrs Frog) - and apologies to Tio
low sugar recipes
Perfect roasties
Potato receipt
Left over turkey
Cheats spinach and ricotta cannelloni
Chikespinato gratin
Leg of lamb
Smoked salmon and pea fish cakes
plum sauce
What a good cheese can do
Healthy diet - hints for a longer life
seasonal winter salad
Landytown's Mens Group BBQ idea for Pbro 2010
A real Thorny tea cake
pasta bake
Pot roast
Fish pie?
Fawking good scoff
Belly of pork
Risotto recipes - post here!
Halloween treats
Enchiladas El Mouse
Recipe needed - Urgent
Kettles are killers dont you know
Arroz con pollo
Frog and Diesel Dopiaza
Bang-bang buggar-buggar
Banoffeeeee pie for the tea shop.
MrsM's new favourite
Landytown Bespoke BBQ idea
Landytown BBQ rules and ettiquette
MrsM's favourite - banoffi pie
Middle-east stuffed pittas (Pbro 09)
The "What You Liked" Book.
Welcome. Come In.
Spices - not a good role model
Mission statement
Good evening one and all
Haggis lasagne
Booking confirmation
Christmas Cake
Am I missing the point or something ?
Ye Olde Tea and Doughnutte Shop
The Bull Bar
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