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Tow strap vs rope

Hi all, I currently have a 6m heavy duty tow rope that I use when i'm trialing but its a really hefty beast and to be honest a real pain to lug about. Would you recomend one of these items? as it's a lot less hassle and I can wrap around my bull bar.[/url]

Roadie, I have always used these and done some extreme rescue work with them without any problems. I ensure I dry them out after use to make sure they do not rot and all has been good for me. I like the fact they can fold up and be stored with ease. Dunno if they are better than rope but they do what they say.

I have heard from a couple of strop "geeks" that you want to make sure they have a the appropriate label shown where the loop is formed  to state their credentials and compliance to regs.

There you go, hope it helps  
Miss May

Thats the same company I got one of mine from and it snapped first time out , i have now got more expensive lifting type ones , personally i think its best to get the highest rated thats feesible to use .....they can work out pricy but its better than getting a shackle flying thro the air. A 71 year old guy i was out with at the weekend was teaching me advanced winching made a good point. He said that you can have the best winch and the strongest straps but they are only as good as the weakest point in the recovery chain and that was often the point on the vehicle itself.

Thank you both, how about this one?

I always have a tow strap in the motor . I roll it up and as in a previous post , I keep it dry and out of the sun when not in use.

I am also a ' fan ' of a quality polypropelene rope as it has some ' stretch ' in it when recovering a stuck motor . The down side is it takes up a reasonable amount of space and is unwealdy

Baloo (has he joined us yet on here?) has loads of knowledge and advice about strops and the rating of them.
Be aware of the SWL and the stated rating. It is accepted that tha SWL is only a percentage of the tested capacity, but some sellers declare the tested load and not the SWL which can be misleading.

Hope this helps.
Miss May

inglishg wrote:

Be aware of the SWL and the stated rating. It is accepted that tha SWL is only a percentage of the tested capacity, but some sellers declare the tested load and not the SWL which can be misleading.

Hope this helps.

Very good advice
Miss May

Roadie wrote:
Thank you both, how about this one?

I have at least one Damar one and so far so good , it really does matter what exactly you are pulling , the forces can be HUGE its not just about the wieght of the car being pulled but also how deep it is in the mud , weather or not its up hill etc etc etc .......last week end i was winching a Shogun that was deep in mud uphill and was not running , after lots of people snapping tow ropes and straps, we had 2 9ton winches and a range rover V8 pulling on it and it was a struggle.

I recently snapped an 8 ton rated strap recovering my mates disco from a DEEP hole, after that ive bought a 14 ton one which seems to be doing the job. They seem to last a lot longer if used gently, snatch recoverys seem to finish them off.

This reminds me do I need to chivvy Baloo along when I get time?  It's about time he got himself on here.

There's a big difference between a snatch strap and a webbing sling. They may look similar, but use of a sling as a snatch strap is bound to end in failure of said strap, which is not designed to tollerate shock loading.

I wonder if we can convince Chameleon (aka The Dark Lord) to join us on here? He has some fantastic knowledge on winching and strops/slings.

The more ideas, suggestions, points of view and experience on a subject like this can only be a benefit to the forum as a whole.

please dont use flat tape slings for kinetic recovery's they are defenately not designed for that type of work,
you can use them for a drag recovery where the dynamic loading is not very high there is almost no stretch in these sling's and the shock load of an over enthousistic recovery will result in failure,, more than likely what it is secured to, (namely some part of your landie)
the good news is it's flight will be short because unlike your kinetic recovery ropes/straps there is very limited stored kinetic energy,
you need to understand there is a distinct difference, the loads you will inflict on your recovery gear is phenominal in comparison to what you really think is going on, and more than easy to overwhelm your kit, if i told you, you could roll your landie with even the most basic pulley system, this one area of your kit you should be over engineering,
that was good advice you got there you system is only as srong as your weakest point,,

kinetic recovery,,
cant see past paddocks own kinetic recovery rope, (be carefull not to get any knots in it,, if you do untie them or bin it as this where the weak point of your rope will be focused)
flat tape lifting strops,,
buy the broadest highest swl you can afford, dont choke them if you can help it it reduces the swl by about 40-60% (refered to as larkfooting)  
endless or looped sling's,, a lot of guys like them i dont particularly like them because when you take them to bit's you find ulitimately they are taped together with a small piece box tape (if you cant trust your kit then theres no point in using it)

right your tapes,,
alkaliods and acids will kill your stuff in a heart beat, keep them in a storage bag or box too reduce the risk of contamination, if you want to wash your tapes wash them with lux, as soap powder has grit included to help cean your clothes, this same grit gets inside the fibres and chews away unseen inside,  
get some training or the very least get some lifting books to try and understand whats going on and where,, i can recomend the north sea lifting hand book,, tio
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